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Intro to Religious — Humble habits

What is being religious?

“1. of, pertaining to, or concerned with religion — a religious holiday. 2. imbued with or exhibiting religion, pious, devout, godly — a religious man. 3. scrupulously faithful, conscientious — religious care. 4. pertaining to or connected with a monastic or religious order. 5. appropriate to religion or to sacred rites or observances. 6. a member of a religious order, congregation, etc., a monk, friar, or nun. 7. the religious, devout or religious persons — Each year, thousands of the religious make pilgrimages to the shrine.”


Who becomes religious?

This section includes blog entries related to faith-based experiences, various religious and belief systems and spirituality. This has been the greatest interest for most of my life. And I have been gradually incorporating other interpretations of theology to supplement and perhaps override my original mind-set of being born and raised a Christian in a ‘CatHoleLick’ family.

Why are you religious?

My opinions on this subject matter is ongoing and have been influenced mainly by my curiosity to seek answers to questions that never seems to be fully answered by anyone reliable enough as a good source or wealth of information. I do notice any area behind religion (I use this man-made ideology loosely) becomes a means to define realities that are not currently understood by mainstream science.

Where do you find ‘God’?

My sources are books and on-line articles from various forums with different ways of presenting their versions of what or who is God, if there is none or more than one God, or if people should not believe in anything at all and simply resign control over their fates and destinies to whatever or whoever may know better than themselves.

How do I learn to be religious?

My blogs here should be considered truly my own thoughts. And that I am always right and no one else needs to tell me that I am wrong or otherwise meaningless. This means that your faith in my words alone is proof to me that you, my dear readers, believe in me wholeheartedly and without fail. But then again, your truth is as good as mine. And that means no matter what position we may take on this area, we will and shall always be together forever to figure out the final answers. Amen.

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