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Intro to Relationships — Real or imagined

What is a relationship?

“1. The condition or fact of being related, connection or association. 2. Connection by blood or marriage — kinship. 3. A particular type of connection existing between people related to or having dealings with each other — has a close relationship with his siblings. 4. A romantic or sexual involvement.”


Who are the people in your life?

My blogs relate to people I’ve known and met and my relationships (special or otherwise) with each one. This also includes blog entries about other people real or imagined. Most of my blog entries are about my family, friends and relatives while some of my blogs are about perfect strangers that somehow made their mark on the pages of my blogs. Celebrities and especially certain politicians are part of my editorials in the form of poems or sometimes as rants in blogs.

When will you learn people are not as they appear?

You are correct that people present their best outward appearance for the whole world to see. This positive approach in life does no harm to another person, though at times I fail to understand how anyone could keep up appearance despite their less than admirable traits that strangers would not normally realize until later on as closest of friends. Some people appear sincere, open and honest at first glance. And unfortunately, some characters are way ‘out there’ in their own reality that others would shun as no fit for society. People are by nature imperfect, battling both their good and bad sides at every moment. The intrigue of this struggle to find balance, to either succumb or succeed is reflected in my blog entries.

Why do I mind other people’s business?

I like to discover what goes on in each person’s mind and how they operate under pressure yet keep cool in this insane world. In my limited understanding on human psychology and behavior, interaction with people has been rather dramatic, taking turns for the better and sometimes for the worse, where people no longer have anything to do with each other. As a result, I’ve turned to fictional writing to figure out why people play plastic (or wear plastic through cosmetic surgery) to feel a sense of belonging in their group and discount being true to themselves and honest about being different. I have yet to fully learn the meaning of life without reading and hearing about emotional and financial baggage leftover from people who experienced death and divorce.

How do you establish and maintain relationships with each person?

I do not personally go out of my way to meet people. It’s my personality makeup of being very shy and too quiet that prevents my social life from forming lasting relationships. As a result, my private life has been made comfortable and mostly through the computer. But for those who have captured my heart and interest, I try to make every effort to keep those persons who don’t mind being my friends in my mind.

Unlike certain family members who interact with me almost everyday, some of my closest and deep friendships do not always communicate much, revealing very little but keeping in touch in special ways, like sending cards and gifts through regular mail or a quick note of greetings through the emails or chatting services online. It’s hard work to make sure that there are no hard feelings that last forever.

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