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Intro to Orgone — Healing energy

What is orgone?

“(in Wilhelm Reich’s theory) A vital, primal, nonmaterial element believed to permeate the universe. A universal life force hypothesized by Wilhelm Reich, supposed to emanate from all organic material that purportedly can be captured with a booth like device and used to restore psychological well-being. [Probably org(anism) + -one.]”


Who is Wilhelm Reich?

“Dr. Reich revolutionized the concept behind orgone energy and how DOR (or Deadly Orgone) is the antithesis to POR (or Positive Orgone) of cosmic life. He created the first ‘cloudbuster’, which is supposed to induce rain by the manipulation of orgone energy in rain clouds. Many of his books were banned by the Nazis and burned by the American FDA. He died at the age of 60 from ‘heart failure in prison’. Reich’s life’s work continues onward with popular culture in a revolutionary movement I’d label as ‘team orgonite’.”


When did I get involved with team orgonite?

Initially, an ‘alien’ chatter via Yahoo! Messenger and I talked about fate and destiny around April 2003. He mentioned something about ‘mobius loop’. I did a general search online and instead came across ‘mobius coil’ in a ‘Harmonic Pendant’ (or HP) made out of orgone and a couple’s adventures during their gifting runs and encounters with nefarious agents. I then participated on an open-forum discussion board for orgone, interacted with some wonderful people and learned more about orgone and its effect on the environment.

How is orgone beneficial?

The art of healing requires tools. ‘Gifting’ the environment with orgone is for the serious-minded folks who want to make a difference for the planet. If you think no one notices chemtrails being laid in the skies by spew planes almost every day or cellphone towers being erected in your neighborhood and you want to increase moisture in areas prone to drought-like conditions, ‘gifting’ with orgone could help heal your immediate surroundings and reduce the nightmares of pollution in our atmosphere, too.

Why should I care?

If you feel like something is wrong with the world, want to do something right for once in your life for others without losing your peace of mind in the process, you may need to start ‘gifting’ with orgonite. There are no losers when one trys experimenting with orgone energy for the first time. You may notice that your efforts do not go unnoticed and this is where the fun begins of being followed around by curious agents while minding your own business.

Where can I find some orgonite?

There are vendors selling orgonite devices and supplies for making orgonite online. Instructions on how to accumulate this free, orgone energy can also be found by doing general searches online. You may check out my WordPress widget, a blogroll located at the bottom or the side to each of my webpages. For your convenience, I have specially created this webpage to assist you with several places of contact regarding orgone products. Some orgone creations are quite beautiful and are carefully crafted by ordinary folks (some of whom value their privacy) of this unorganized, grassroots movement.

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Purple Atomic Energy Symbol
Purple Atomic Energy Symbol

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