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About personality — In Depth Report


You are a freedom fighter with a capacity for expanded knowledge and the potential to accomplish the aims of large businesses and other undertakings. You have fortunate colleagues or brothers and sisters who are fellow travelers in your quest for broader horizons. You are a harp and masterful debater and attract a passionate mate whose sensuality may be hidden on the outside. Generosity, humor, and knowing where the fun is are some of your traits. You have a zest for living and a knack for inspiring the best in others, especially children. You are drawn to aggressive investment ideas. Able to handle constant mental and physical stimulation, you are set to benefit from this age of constant media barrage and information overload. Your expansive, humorous, socially adept disposition allows you to inspire and lead others. You are a knowledge giver and know the wisdom of meeting all your commitments. You are highly ethical and dutiful but also streetwise and witty. You benefit from excellent teachers and guides and have good fortune with several kinds of education. You are likely to make a name for yourself in one or more areas of life. Your prosperous father has been an example and you are likely to be the same to your grandchildren. You are fortunate and profit from travels, publishing, university connections, and teaching. You are a creative and refined thinker, and sometimes so much so that your artistic expressions go over some people’s heads. A romantic impressionist, you are focused on the high and bright side of things. You have a love of philosophical knowledge as long as it is not too dry, and are grateful for your blessings. Long travels are pleasurable. You are determined in following your path and know how to apply effort. You receive financial backing from several sources for your projects and often represent a larger circle of humanistic and artistic people. You have political interests or abilities. You can handle highly confidential affairs with discretion, as you are the soul of rectitude. A legal min-set, a dutiful and regulated way of behaving, makes you a successful strategist. Respectful to elders, you attempt to follow the right path and may run into complex situations and quirks of human psychology that present barriers to your progress. You attempt to be tactful and devise the most appropriate ways of speaking the truth. You are a resourceful manager and are oriented toward progress. You may go on long missions or pilgrimages, and may communicate about spiritually uplifting topics. Your interests in art are more as a connoisseur than as a participant. You have a good eye for the bottom line and have an impressive voice for singing or reciting.

You possess a generous portion of personal grace, a pleasing manner, and a normally friendly demeanor. You have a magical presence. You are vivacious and full of energy. You have a quiet, inward sense of humor. You are fun to be around when things go your way. You have a genuinely sunny disposition. You have a far-sighted vision, a desire to create the perfect environment, and are armed with the instinct of a winner. You seem to consider life a grand game to be won. You are a virtuous person. You have a liberal viewpoint towards new ideas, but not to the extent of severing all connection to tradition. Generally, you do not harbor bad feelings for anyone.

If a given situation is taking care of your needs, you will be very reluctant to give it up until you have secured a new solution. Security is very important to you, and you take conservative actions to ensure that you are provided for later on.

You are incapable of uttering a lie cogently and coherently or cheating anybody successfully. If you attempt to lie, when you meet the person again you will be caught trying to cover yourself. There is an artistic flair to your personality and a deep awareness of beauty. Despite all difficulties, you always try to honor and uphold your word and premises. By being very observant of moral actions, and by being selfless in your actions, obstacles might be overcome. You are noble but may occupy a place behind the scenes, getting little recognition. You will deal with a variety of problems that will cause you to develop ingenuity and imagination. You are resourceful, have physical strength and a crafty mind. You are wise in the way you work and act. You plan with a broad perspective and with an eye on the future, giving improving chances for success.

You are very persevering once you really want something. You can be very persuasive, but in a friendly and soft way. You are extremely bold. You easily take the initiative necessary to fulfill your ambitions. You are a warrior and a self-made person. You work with the secret knowledge of subtle techniques. You will advance energetically and sometimes with blind faith. You forcefully and without hesitation do anything that is necessary to succeed and attain the status or reputation you aim at. You do not give up and persistently continue until you have succeeded; on the way, however, you may be plagued with difficulty. You abhor interference of any kind. You make it a priority to do things in your own way, with your own style, to give you the comfort of being free of stress.

You may be acerbic. You are able to take lead in your work. You can be a daredevil, and enjoy life to the full.

Self-effort might be closely connected to your sense of inner comfort. You may have an eccentric or spiritual nature. You will only show your most lively and humorous side in secluded and private situations.

You are uninhibited in taking care of your own interest. In the end, you will have stability, but sometimes you will have to be more selfish than you think is ethical. You may be parsimonious and can suffer financial challenges.

You can be cunning. You may be immoral occasionally. At times, you may feel lazy and lack the physical or nervous energy needed to act in the world. It is hard to meet your scheduling commitments. It becomes difficult to adjust to your moods once the tide swings against you. You can be a freedom fighter. When there is opposition or if you are unable to fulfill requests, you lose your temper. You are hot-tempered, aggressive, and violent at your worst. At times, you can find yourself agitated enough that you take unnecessary risks. You are combative.

You are prone to anxiety. There may be a hesitation to act in some of your endeavors. You have a somewhat timid disposition. You have a tendency to evaluate yourself only according to feedback from the environment. Perhaps you are too dependent on the opinions of others. You may characteristically feel lonely, miserable, or unhappy.

You are a person who finds it hard to just relax and enjoy yourself. Staying at home too much can bring on boredom. You are enthusiastic about initiating new projects; however, it is likely that you are not able to carry them through. Since you have a dual nature, important events often happen in pairs, or you may have two main goals at once. It is hard for you to settle down. You may be a disturbed person. You could possible be forgetful and lack concentration. Sometimes, the desire to please can distract you from focusing on your own goals. You always seem to have too many demands to meet.

You may have to pass through periods of distress before finding happiness. Your knowledge and intelligence is the core of your happiness and ultimate fulfillment of your desires. Longing for happiness and inner contentment, you use any means to seize anything that you think may bring happiness, even when unrealistic. You have a strong desire for happiness, but it seems to elude you. There is not much happiness found in material gains or family life. You can run into trouble or barriers from government authorities that get in the way of finding your happiness.

Your face to the world

You move with a gentle and attractive gait. You have a fine figure. You have a good fashion sense. Gold and yellow are complimentary colors for you. You pay a great deal of attention to appearance, be it yourself, vehicles or your dwelling. Everyone loves to hear you. You are a blunt speaker. You get comfort from self-expression. You do not talk much. You are close-mouthed about losses and defeats. You do not trust yourself to sing. You do not believe in spoon-feeding you listeners. You can perhaps speak 1 or 2 foreign languages to a limited extent. You express yourself on serious and sad issues. Your style of asserting yourself might be at its best within the realm of your home, in connection with the people who are closest to you. Your messages can be contradictory and end up confusing people although their meaning is deep and fascinating. It is rather difficult for you to openly express yourself, especially in public. Your speaking may be dry and pedantic. You are not strong in debate and should avoid arguments as others get the better of you.

The inner works

Your intellectual mind tends to be quite inwards. Your thinking can be overly literal rather than imaginative. Thinking makes you hungry.

You are usually emotionally fulfilled. You are an emotionally balanced person who sincerely feels for the happiness of those around you. You have strong feelings about sexual morals, which you feel others should respect and even live by. You want to give to everyone and can exhaust yourself pouring out your energy without getting adequate returns or providing for your needs for rest and relaxation. Your emotions are very sensitive to both the high and the low; you may easily get too excited or too hurt over matters that are not that important. You tend to be emotional and not use enough logic. You decisions are based more on feelings than on the intellect. You feel a responsibility to promote the culture of these other places.

You are prone to depression. You may feel as though your sense of individuality is kind of diffused and non-determined. Emotionally you are more prepared to be hurt than happy. Insatiable desires for comforts give rise to many emotional upsets and other distortions. You have an intense and easily disturbed emotional life. You will find somewhat complicated psychological ways to avoid emotional turbulence. Your emotional life will be subject to a great deal of transformations and confrontations throughout your lifetime.

You have a particular interest in learning and education. Your intelligence allows you to do many kinds of work. You can be proud of your intellectual findings. You put effort into becoming educated and well off. You may have good teachers but they seem to not be there when you need them. You feel a sincere respect towards your teachers. You stay involved with your teachers. There might be some connection with an educational institution or teachers.

You can be an excellent researcher or perform your work with scholarly finesse. There will be study of various concepts, philosophies, and moral principals. You may be interested in earth sciences, domestic arts, or social science and demography. Prospects of marital happiness and success from higher education are limited. It feels as if all your attempts to expand your horizon, to achieve higher education or higher spiritual teaching, get diffused and aimless when you try to pull them through.

You will easily acquire knowledge and education in life. You may have a good legal understanding.

You are working at overcoming the domination of the five senses and eventually will succeed. Your learning may come from a foreign culture. You will be drawn to learn about some area, which is foreign to most people. You have great treasures of learning and knowledge to impart.

What makes you special

You are highly skilled. You act efficiently and intelligently, and are particularly good at solving short-term problems by taking quick action. You are capable of dealing with changing and unforeseen circumstances.

Your ability to see the bigger picture and opportunities will be very beneficial to your success. You have natural skills for research.

You may have acquired medical skills also. You may have an ability to make medicinal substances, healing potions or working with chemicals.

You have a good and artistic imagination and you express it creatively. You have original idea, courage, and initiative.

You can compose verses eloquently, and can tap into money when needed. You are good at mechanical and technical things. Physical work will let you apply your abundant energy in a proper way. You are skilled at fighting both offensively and defensively.

The way you act

You exert to the utmost to transform the grounds of any battle or contest you are engaged in. You do well when you are adventurous. You are given to flights of fancy mentally and sometimes these bring you success but often they do not. You have enlightened ideas and are devoted to God but do not always act up to the highest ideals.

You treat everyone fairly. You are virtuous, putting justice before your own comforts. You may be aiming at self-improvement and service of others. You indulge in selfless acts of kindness and charity. You try to do good things and usually win. You respect those who are intelligent, self-assured, and integrated.

Your temper flares up easily. Not considering all circumstances you may act in a cruel, somewhat inconsiderate way, stepping on other’s emotions and even forgetting the incident. Detachment from society and the moral and cultural limitations may cause you to break those boundaries and act in a way that some would consider immoral. Under stress, you may act secretively and not too honorably. Breaking the law may result in fines, penalties, and punishments. You put your own ideas of law above the letter of the law.

The things you love

You prefer an ostentatious life and stay away from superficial things. You appreciate the wilderness and nature. You like to work hand in hand with your father or important teachers, cooperating to accomplish shared objectives.

You might have a strong interest in psychology, as well as art, and education in general. You may be interested in alchemy, magic, or yoga. You have the spirit to be in command, to direct and lead others. You are interested in fame as a phenomenon and how it affects others.

You keep your thoughts and reasoning hidden from others. You like to work in a private, hidden kind of environment. You have an active dream life. Art and culture are of great interest.

In-depth study of scriptures may interest you. You have an interest in spiritual liberation and enlightenment, especially through a mental path such as meditation.

You are likely to own several pets.

You have an instinctive dislike for change, originating from certain fear of the unknown and the untested. Mental activity might not be the activity of your choice, because you feel vulnerable when it comes to expressing ideas or speculations.


You have good stamina. Physical exercise and open air do wonders for you. You may gain weight in middle age. You are prone to health problems and should take care against reduced longevity. Your physical condition may be fragile, and your emotional depression may seriously affect the state of your health.

Physical focal points for you include the solar plexus, and the things; the solar plexus is the seat of the instinct of self-preservation. Lungs may be susceptible to ailments. There can be health problems with the lungs or the feet. You will suffer from eye or heart problems. AT times, you may experience weak muscles and blood troubles. Your eyesight can develop some problem, and for that or other health problems, you will be hospitalized on at least on occasion. You may be problems with your nose.

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