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About me — FLYNN

Who is Fluffy von der Flynn?

She is a novice writer who artfully weaves short stories and poems through her blogs since February 2006. Her material is mostly biographical in nature, presenting an open and honest insight into her simple mind about deep thoughts and mixing in subject matter ranging from rants and raves, religion and science, business and politics to man versus machine or oneself, too. Her main goal in life is finding true love and how spirituality is behind all that is beautiful and why the existence of nature affects her worldview.

Where did she come from?

She was born in Portsmouth Navel Hospital (Portsmouth, VA) to hard working parental units, who emigrated from the Philippines. She was raised in a loving, Catholic family. Her upbringing was normal and simple, where birthday parties with friends living in and around Camp Allen (Norfolk, VA), piano recitals, fishing and clamming brought many happy memories to the young family of four. Playing in the snow during the winter season with her only younger brother by three years was also a past time fun. The family moved to California and lived in the Bay Area since 1976.

What does she do for a living?

Currently, she lives happily in the comfort at home with her parental units for free and in relative peace and quiet in the suburbs of a Mediterranean climate (Santa Clara County, San Jose, California, United States). She blogs the whole day indoors without a care in the world and is transitioning over to an unknown field of work. Her career has been in the field of finance/accounting, doing tedious work in the accounts receivable department as a clerk and data entry specialist. It’s easy work with the challenges of customer service being the brunt in any job.

When did she become a blogger?

The inspiration to blog started out after a chatting session with team orgonite (i.e. The Women Warriors). She was invited to join in their energy boost by ‘holding hands’ with strangers. After more than three hours that night and after one day of this event, she decided to enter her first online journal entry through Yahoo! 360. The date was on Tuesday, February 14, 2006, which was Valentine’s Day. So, this symbolically meant her passion was driven by her heart’s desire to share herself via her personal experiences, opinions and belief systems to the whole world in a small way by blogging online with love and light.

How come she doesn’t reveal her real name?

She chooses to remain anonymous for good reasons. Her blog entries contain some weird stuff which none outside mainstream science would even consider as being normal and mostly ‘out of this world’, if not crazy by some highly biased and opinionated commentators. Sometimes her frustrations are reflected in her blogs as rants, which would be very unpopular and quite hurtful for more sensitive readers, who may find her truths to be known as somewhat progressive, shaking the status quo of both the authorities and government. To read about her ‘pen-name’, please click here.

Why did she decide to switch over to WordPress.com?

After discovering how both Yahoo! 360 and Blogger.com did not offer the versatility of modifying the time/date stamps, she found her second home – this weblog site through WordPress.com on Monday, May 14, 2007. This weblog site has other features that allowed the creative soul express itself through color and graphics. The site has taken on a look from the ‘Toni’ and ‘Andreas09′ themes of blue color and the ‘DayDream’ and ‘ChaosTheory’ themes of purple and pink colors to the current ‘Quentin’ theme of red-brown and buff-beige color. WordPress.com is also a good place to learn HTML codes and edit CSS stylesheets.

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