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What is a Flynn?

Flynn definition

“A person beholding the name Flynn or has it within his/her string of names is considered sexy, incredible, ninja-tastic, amazing and mysterious. Not only are they amazing in bed, but outside of the bed as well. If ever get a chance to kiss one of these Flynns never cease to act upon it! Their kisses make you melt the second your lips touch with theirs. Adventurous and easy going, Flynns can give you the thrill of your life and make you addicted to them. You’ll want them more and not just because you have to survive, but because you really do WANT them. Hold on to these Flynns, once you find one. You’ll never get one back if you lose him/her. You wish you were a Flynn!”


What can I learn from the Flynn?

Flynn effect definition

“The Flynn effect is the substantial increase in average scores on intelligence tests all over the world.

In other words, people are getting smarter. Consider Flynn as your would-be school teacher: It’s like being in a classroom, only better – less boring and more entertaining. Thus Flynn provides a stimulating environment for the hungry minds. Just by reading this blog provides some, if not, enough nutritious “food for thoughts.” Don’t doubt that Flynn could be infectious and not contagious in spreading dreadful truth about reality. Rest assured, Flynn expects the dumb-downed minds of people to progress and their Intelligence Quotient to increase”


What is The Blogging Path?

The Blogging Path shares a variety of interests and entertains your old mind programming literally at the click of your mouse! You can read the “contents of my thoughts” at anytime for your personal enjoyment, for your sheer boredom and for your ignorance denying with others in your communal sandbox outdoors or by yourself in your prison-like room indoors. My blogging material is not only informative drivel of an ordinary candle burning at night but is also enlightening exemplar of a radiant sun shining by day.

What is The Daily Pause?

This personal weblog provides brief responses to daily prompts, giving “pause” for thoughts at your fingertips (or “paws”) and to enrich your understanding between two species. Further readings include off-topic satires on alternative topics, such as conspiracy and paranormal, and controversial subjects, such as politics and religion. Reader discretion is advised for your health and safety and overall fun and entertainment, too! Thank you!

What is Flynn’s Paws?

Like an ordinary candle flickering at night and like an extraordinary sun burning by day, Flynn’s Paws is a personal blog which contains my blogging material (which is an informative source of drivel and an enlightening exemplar of blather) of alternative TOPICS ranging from silly notions of conspiracy to random paranormal activities and other daily RANTS, such as politics, RELATIONSHIPS and RELIGION. Read strange DREAMS, wild STORIES and cryptic POEMS. Avoid SPAMS. Try ORGONE.

What is Webloggerism?

Flynnism definition

“In the context of flaming : a series of nonsensical words, haphazardly strung together, designed to bore the reader into a coma-like sleep, giving the authour time to escape. Keywords to look for in recognizing a true Flynnism are : Tee-hee, pwned, oyu, and diva.”


The word play itself is a word association of the weblogger by the name of Flynn combined with the suffix -ism. Hence, my word “webloggerism” is here and explained below.

The weblogger (derived from blogger) is someone who keeps a diary or journal online and seeks to share private matters, such as personal thoughts and feelings. Weblogging is an internet social sensationalistic outlet and an addictive self-realization movement. It includes observations in the immediate surroundings and in the externalized worldwide views. The weblog practice is characterized by individual approach to daily entries and philosophies.

The weblog movement includes elements ranging from egoism through judgmental opinions and biases towards others to altruism through selflessness and concern for others. Weblog entries and philosophy sometime draws inspiration from major problems in politics, religion and relationships with strong influences from family, friends and strangers. Additional concepts of the movement include me, myself and everyone else interrelated enough to share personal experiences whether real or imagined.

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