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“In an essay, article, or book, an introduction (also known as a prolegomenon) is a beginning section which states the purpose and goals of the following writing. This is generally followed by the body and conclusion.”


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This short introduction is basically about me, my surroundings and everything else unexplainable through poetry and blogs. Since my friends are limited to my family of two parental units and four parakeets at home and friends too stressed out or ‘busy’ at work, I’ve decided blogging would be a great way to let the world know that I’m perfectly content indoors near a window overlooking the backyard and the tall trees.

I’d sit on this white lawn chair with a foam cushion purchased from a local fabric store. The feeling is not too comfortable, and I’d find myself shaking and stretching my legs to keep the blood circulating. Sometimes I do not notice the enormous time of sitting down is for almost another half day.

The only time I would get up is to use the toilet, drink my water from this three-gallon jar filled for $0.25 a gallon afterwards or walk around a bit downstairs, eat something and to let my parents and the parakeets know I’m still alive. I hardly talk to them anymore after being tired from work and all too eager to start blogging upstairs.

My eyes would be focused in front of this fifteen-inch computer monitor from years ago and is still good though small. Every once in awhile I’d look outdoors to see the birds flying around, the winds whipping the tree branches or myself at the mirrors to my right side. I would make funny faces, wave my arms in the air and look at my body getting fat from this sedentary activity of blogging.

Using my fingers and hands are essential. Besides the usefulness of scratching parts of myself, this blogger needs her fingers to navigate around the website. I do not feel tired as my thoughts continue to provide ongoing streams of blogging material. This never seems to end since this is like playing the piano, which I have since retired myself from practicing.

Instead of the loud noises from this stringed instrument, I’d hear the humming sounds of the fans installed by my brother. This is supposed to make my computer cooler, but the rhythmic sounds are somewhat bothersome but tolerable amidst the noise of my typing on the keyboard. Other sounds are my parents who come upstairs, knock on the wall or holler at me to come downstairs.

This small world of mine is preoccupied with blogging for the meantime. I’ve learned so much about creating a weblog with this free service. Despite some limitations with getting my fonts and font size perfect, I may decide to pay for web hosting or a domain name. The next step is programming my website and that would make me a ‘Goshdarnit!’

I guess this ‘Something went wrong – 503 error’ means I’m doing too much for the server’s own good. Thank goodness the last paragraph above has been saved! Thanks Matt! Allelujah! Amen.

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