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Acknowledgments definition

“In the creative arts and scientific literature, an acknowledgment (also spelled acknowledgment) is an expression of gratitude for assistance in creating a literary or artistic work…”


Acknowledgment sample

First, I would like to thank myself for being up this late in the hours of night and trying to acknowledge any and all that may have crossed my path in this current lifetime. This would be next to impossible since each person, animal, plant, mineral and the undefined way, shape or form is and has been already part me and as I to them. This is basically a unified concept of how one’s actions, words, thoughts, and deeds affect others, whether knowingly or not. By thanking myself, I thank the Creator for allowing me to exist at this moment in time and space, to express these aspects of my various realities here and now and to share my simple world going forward.

Second is my family. These are my parents who have also created me from birth and walked me through my growing years and into adulthood. They understand and love me with kindness and patience regardless of my limitation to reciprocate to their expectations of love. My brother is also a blessing in disguise despite my ongoing battle to contain the jealousy of having a competitor for affections and attentions from our parental units. Together, they create a bond that keeps me whole, well rounded and spoiled. My experiences with them provide good blogging material, too.

The third is the warriors who have loved and lost. These gifted folks continue to play a vital role in my awakening. After having participated on an online chatting session in their forum, I’ve started my online journals (or blogs) on Valentine’s Day of February 14, 2006. This day not only marked a pagan celebration among kindred hearts but the acceptance of both the love to earn my place on this planet and the victory to overcome my many challenges in this lifetime. I have been inspired to write my memoirs in this manner. Here is a poem dedicated to the warriors.

There are countless others from parakeets to relatives who made their way into my blogs. But gifting folks from this particular grass root movement of healing the planet have brought tears to my eyes by reading books, copters over my house by planting CB and gangs from every walk of life by annoying me, especially at work. These examples show the unified efforts of boosting by sending love with loads of fun. The success continues as humanity fully awakens and raises its awareness. And the signs and symbols of synchronicity are but other expressions of these events entered daily as blogging materials.

Other noteworthy mention is the ones who have sought my help. These are strangers whom I have never met. My encounters with them are unexplainable yet for some reason I have no real fear of them really. But maybe my curiosity invited them to allow for communication. They have found me nonetheless and I have no idea how these events are possible. They too have caused much confusion, noise, and sometimes utter nonsense. But my mind continues to validate their existence through my blogs. There is no comparison in words to describe who or what they are or how and why they chose to be with me.

Finally, I want to thank someone special for taking the time to be true. Who or what that entity may be is left up to my readers.

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