Unions versus Tesla

I was wondering why y’all are defending petrol and petroleum products so badly: it’s because of the union thugs!

After the Exxon Valdez Alaska oil spill and for the fact that y’all are polluting the planet and affecting climate changes and supply/demand by dumping petrol inventory, is insanity!

I learned from my lower division economics class that unions are trending downwards!

So I expect y’all to eliminate any and all unions because there is no need for this to politicize everything and prevent Tesla from participating!

I know you OLD farts hate being tracked by computerized robots, but I expect y’all to know that’s the way it is: no more unions and no more petrol stuff!

Y’all know there’s advanced technology above and being Tesla. Yet y’all prevent stuff from manifesting. Why? Because y’all are selfish and deceiving this whole planet with your outta space programs and other lies!!!

Unions are outmoded. There is the hour and fire “at will” for business as unusual. Unions only protect politicized job interests by keeping dead beats on the petrol instead of allowing innovation and new kids to take over your realities.

See? I’m smart! Duh!