Good morning, chumps! I awoke.

Today’s word is “catfish” which is to:

“lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.”

I did NOT know such informal cruelty exist in this world. To create less faith and more hopelessness.

I see. That’s why fakers can’t seem to meet in person. I do wonder why others have real and successful relationships after meeting online.

The ones I’ve met are REAL spooks, reptilians (like the Twit Wifey), and greys (seriously). The ones that I thought needed help are really wealthy and can afford the online presence.

That’s wrong. Per a YouTube video that I viewed a few days ago, a blackish guy told a bunch of blackish females that there are guys with REAL loneliness. And these guys commit suicide.

See? While y’all are poking fun at relationships meant to make babies, some don’t get a chance to make it happen. Maybe because THEY are faggots and/or nutters!