Welp, I have been confused about setting my homepage display between “Your latest posts” and a static page for Home page and Posts page.

Per my stats on that one view, I finally realized that a “Front Homepage” could also include the Archives page in one shot!

In my OLD now yeeted blogs, I used to have a separate Archives page, which listed the usual blocks: Archives, Calendar, Categories, and Tag Clouds.

For my “Home” page, I’ve included NOT only the usual blocks (as mentioned above), but the first column which listed the static Pages.

Once again, since I have the KJV Bible verses in the THOUSANDS, the Page List block would take TOO long to load.

So I had to manually enter each page as a clickable link! The embedded stuff does NOT seem to work for regular clickable links.

Since I primarly use my Mobile app for viewing my sites, I had to think logically on what would be the first item “listed” on the VERY top of my Front Home page / Archives.

That first item on the list would be the generic greetings found on the VERY first Post that was automatically generated wherever a user signups for a new site.

So instead of repeating the same greeting in a paragraph, I created a clickable link to that VERY first post.

Then the second item on my “Home” page is borrowed the opening paragraphs from the Patterns > Featured > Three columns of text via my Dashboard > Appearance > Editor (beta).

The others items are once again the four Archive items that might help readers figure out if reading my stuff is worth the visit. Hah!

To recap: Home page is “home“; while Posts page is “posts“. That’s
VERY logical! Go from Top to Bottom and Left to Right when considering the stacking of each element especially for the smallest preview, which is from Desktop and Tablet to Mobile.

End thoughts.