Addendum thought: I was in the waiting room area which had at least one male waiting and I was reading news articles online when I was suddenly admitted to my scheduled appointment. I was finished at 11:16 AM.

P.S. 1. Earlier, I had my eyeballs re-checked and the numbers are 19 and 19, which are borderline whatever. 2. Picked up two Peet’s coffee: Expresso and Carmel Macchiato small. 3. Finished the above procedure. 4. Finished grocery shopping. 5. Finished preparing fruits and salads. Now baking two HUGE Portobello mushrooms with Jalapeño peppers and American cheese! 6. Boiling my brown rice which takes freaking a long time at 45 minutes and at the lowest stovetop setting, and my elderly father’s usual steamed white rice: both at 1/4 cups each. 7. Now blogging this diary. 8. 20220607-1301: I heard the sound of the small rice cooker, which “popped up”, signaling that my elderly father’s steamed WHITE rice is finished. My Apple Watch timer went off, too at the same time: what a co-incidence!

Okay, time to eat lunch soon. My elderly father is ironing my clothes while watching his favorite brainwashing tool: Live MSNBC via his upgraded cable, internet phone bundled package.