I’m lying down in bed and winding down while waiting to drift off to sleep.

As I was still WIDE awake, I read my random Bible verses and noticed another area that I quickly tweaked on my Mobile browser, which is super small to hold and view.

Since I was already logged into my account, I quickly went to my Dashboard > Tools > Marketing > Traffic > Page Title Structure.

Initially I had set everything (Front Page, Posts, Pages, Tags, and Archives) to Site Title followed by its structure.

While reading my Biblical verses, I saw the annoying Site Title followed by the biblical verses decided that was NOT appropriate!

So I changed each section to show the titles, tags or archived followed by the word “by” and then my Site Title.

For example, “search engines, social media sites, and browser tabs” would display my site page as Genesis-001-001 by FlynnsPawsMe.

Or better yet, I could each section to read something like: Read Genesis-001-001 on FlynnsPawsMe.

I probably should put the dot properly as FlynnsPaws.me. But I wanted to keep the site title clean without characters; so I could differentiate which way I was importing or exporting stuff along my four sites.

That’s all for now. My eyelids are closing!