Welp, I got tired of web designing AND blogging, which was another reason why I am NOT posting daily. I also do NOT care for propaganda; since this is how many bloggers and mainstream ad nauseous news media outlets make money!

Create chaos AND take their money, like going Pro here or anywhere. That’s how jobs are made! Become a doctor/physician NOT to help complainers/whiners BUT to take their money! See? I borrowed concept this from a YouTube blogger.

Everyday I would fume and remind my elderly father that these well-paid talking heads of mostly doom and gloom, fear-mongering, scare tactics are paid to lie AND to take your money through cable, dish, internet, whatever upgrades! Their stories are basically adult versions of fairy tales!

For example, I have three other blogs that are NOT upgraded to Pro plan. Of course, I noticed stats would be recorded/reflected in one of my mirror blogs. So I do NOT know if it’s because I’m NOT logged into wp-admin (which I found out a few minutes ago AND after having set my three other sites to “hidden” from my global dashboard) or something else.

I have NOT been refreshing my YouTube channel until I feel like it! I’ll probably re-upload my OLD choral videos but nobody seems to care. I do NOT like to have my image posted publically and so I can’t record myself singing!

Publicity stunts and actings and anybody appearing on television and holding public offices are reserved for reptilians, reptoids, or basically toids (per our favorite daily messenger, of course.)

I know this is true because I recently participated in Zoom discussion about our traffic and quiet zones with four local public servants. After I transmitted my thoughts to force their identities, I saw THEM flicked/stick out their tongues simultaneously and smiled and laugh knowingly!

So yeah it’s recorded and if y’all review that session wherever, y’all will see it. One is a white male, one is an Oriental female, and two are Latino/Hispanic male.

Strangely, THEY kept inviting me to voice my opinions. Unfortunately, my main computer does NOT have a camera or microphone set-up. That’s because I-AM too dumb, dim-witted, slow, and quite frankly lazy to learn new stuff, AND only if I-AM forced to do so. Huh.

Yeah, so when I test the grounds for trying something new, I’ll try at least once. And if I do NOT like it and since I lack the discipline to go PRO in any area, I give up easily and move on to other adventures.

Like my imagery of a butterfly, I would sample and move on, like any relationship that refuses to go to the next level, which is why I refuse to help pay into any propaganda, like electing and voting.

I do NOT know which governor to select for the upcoming Primary June 7, 2022. During the crazy pandemic exercises, I did transmit my thoughts to the current governor while he was making lots of public appearances via YouTube.

I would ask him during the up-close video shots: do y’all remember heaven/what was heaven like? I saw that he knew/was affected through his glassy/teary eyeballs. Yeah, so he is also a reptilian who knowingly does stuff.

That’s why I really do NOT care if y’all laugh and giggle at my stuff because y’all are NOT allowed to know or understand the hive-mind or the collective.

You losers are only allowed to follow orders and obey the television and its propaganda and play video games and watch sports and entertainment; while we control your future.

End thoughts.