OMG! I’m so sorry to the Happiness Engineers!

I figured out how to prevent the stats from recording, reflecting, increase my own views/visits!

If only y’all just walk-me thru this simple step, then that would NOT be a problem. But y’all failed unto moi. I am beyond forgiving this world. With that said, prepare for your doom!

Anyways, I’ve been right-clicking the Site Logo/Site Title of my Admin Dashboard on the VERY top of the left-side panel! And because the some web browsers shield our sense of privacy, the different HIDDEN IP addresses keeps triggering the stats!

And so when I simply click into the link, there’s this panel that shows the preview of Desktop, Tablet, and Phone. There’s a Search & Social from this drop-down menu.

Yeah, so like I said, the incoming thoughts from and by THEM, TPTB and palz, or whosoever control this green-colored maxtrix grid or augmented simulated reality, were probably kind and merciful enough to show me the way! Wow. What a revelation!

20220530-0120. Oh, just fruck it! I did another test by clicking into the link whereby the right panel opens up within the same tab. But when I click my randomizer button, the “link” opens up a new web browser tab! I checked the templates and the “Open in new Tab” is switched off for any URL links. So I do NOT understand why this function would open up a new web browser tab! Whenever a new tab is opened up, the hidden IP address changes and that would account for the increase of stats as if I’m a visitor AND NOT the admin/owner! I would put this stuff under Dislikes or Cons.

End rants!