Growing outrage and protest as NRA meets in Houston Texas. Live MSNBC.

Once again, it’s NOT the guns or ammunition BUT the crazy and the stupid humanz.

This is about gun grabs and removing basic rights to defend self and property!

This is about schools, patents and teachers cheating and indoctrinating children to accept freaks like transgenders and the like!

This is about control and making normal laws abiding humanz pay for everything!

This is about allowing the elites to fire off and test their nukes and ballistic missiles while allowing urban folks to shoot each other over drug deals and steal everything good left in society

See? That’s what y’all get for believing the narratives scripts on television and worshipping the demonic actors pretending to show emotional outbursts like crying and the like.

If the police won’t shoot back against unruly citizens, then it’s NOT the guns or ammunition! It’s the boss ordering the staff what to say and what to do like these crises actors acting out emotionally, which is also fake news.

If the perpetrators are really determined to carry out stuff, the event should NOT take no more than a few minutes.

I told my elderly father who still insists that assault rifles (versus nukes and ballistic) that in the US Constitutionality and Bill of Rights, I saw that the founding fathers knew best: the right to bear arms.

But the language didn’t say the right to shoot arms! See? I’m smart! It’s all posturing and putting on a good show for 🦍 🦧 apes!

Keep it real, you fools with thickened skulls full of mush!

End rant.