My site has been restored. HOWEVER, I replied to an email stating that ONE of SIX yeeted post is still MISSING! I’m NOT happy.

First, I had to re-check stuff. Second, I had to re-do stuff. Third, I had a difficult time RESETTING the Text and Background Colors and I will try blogging with a BLACK background! That means y’all will see BLACK background!

I set the Front/Index page as a static page, meaning y’all will NOT see the full blog. Y’all gonna have to click on the BLOG page, which is static. And from there y’all can see the latest post entries from the blogs.

I’ve bought and refunded my second site because nobody seems to be visiting. I guess the forces of darkness and its PURE EVIL do NOT like reading King James Bible verses. That’s my second site with over 31,103 verses, which I found online.

So I’m using two different web browsers to view both blogs. Maybe, I could request that THEY merge both accounts; so that when I log into one account I can blog and when I need to time to reflect I will switch to the other blog.

I’m changing the background to gray because for whatever reason I cannot reset the colors to reset back to its original state. WTF is going on? Now I will have to let customer support know yet another annoying issue.

“This color combination may be hard for people to read. Try using a darker background color and/or a brighter text color.”

As viewed from my dashboard > posts.php mode.

I guess THEY couldn’t figure out why my blog was blowing up! Sometimes I wanna give up making noise, which is mostly propaganda.

End rants.