Yesterday I listened to DJT repeat the same narratives, scripts while I was enjoying, struggling tweaking my weblog site.

I would normally participate in the Live Chat and entered two comments only because I was busy with my blog.

In the previous Live chat last week, I entered how the real droid wears a red necktie and the fake droid wears a blue necktie.

I borrowed, stole this concept, joke from a video about an interview with an elderly black comedian, who ran for President per his newspaper clippings but he was cheated the presidency because presidents are selected by THEM and NOT elected by gullible slaves, err, clueless humanz, err, educated voters!

So yesterday per this Rumble video, I entered into the Live chat that I noticed DJT was NOT wearing a necktie!

That my spooky friends is how stuff works. Oh yeah he’s gonna be president in 2024, the second symbolic Masonic coming of the alleged anti-Christ.

Just saying that’s what I been reading online. Lots of far-fetched stuff to humor ourselves!

Also, I do acknowledge he has said stuff that I and other palz would know. So I guess I’m still on board this almighty sinking ship.